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Hummers’ method Graphite Oxide Powder

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Hummers’ method Graphite Oxide Powder

Hummers’ method Graphite Oxide Powder
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Place of Origin: China
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Model Number: TMGO-650608
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Graphite Oxide Powder

Graphite oxide powder is produced by modified Hummers’ method. It contains abundant exogenous functional groups with good hydrophilicity. Stable static electric double layer is formed to maintain its stable dispersion in water. Graphite oxide is insulator while it will convert into excellent conductor after reduction. The reduction methods that have been reported until now includes chemical (hydrazine hydrate, NaBH4, HI, urea, Vitamin C, and hydroquinone etc), radial (laser and micro-wave) and thermal method. The products with high quality are produced in laboratory and for scientific research specially.

How to use

1. Directly use graphite oxide powder.

2. Prepare solution with a certain concentration by ultrasonic processing in water (power: 300-800 W; time: 15-60 min). It will keep stable dispersion with no precipitate after 3 months quiescent standing. The lower the concentration is, the better the percent of single layer and dispersion is.

3. Prepare graphene oxide membrane or foam by vacuum filtration, self-assembly at liquid/air interface with the as-prepared graphene oxide solution.

4. Prepare graphene hydrogel or aerogel by sol-gel, hydrothermal method with the as-prepared graphene oxide solution.


Extrinsic Feature

Power with brown to yellow color

Average Purity

> 99%

Specific Surface Area

~65 m2/g

C/O Atomic Ratio

0.8-1.6 adjustable

1 Layer Thickness

0.6-0.8 nm

Lateral Dimension

200 nm~10 μm


Please save the graphite oxide powder in the dryer for the strong hydrophilicity. You can heat it at low temperature or freeze-dry it after long time saving.

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